Tiffany Jordan, Painter


Residency Date: October 25, 2019 [6-8pm]

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Baltimore-based, Self-Taught Visual Artist and Mother of 3.

One Christmas, Tiffany received a gift of colorful art supplies and a sketchbook when she was a little girl. This is where her love affair with art began. While initially intrigued, the gift box of creative freedom and solace was put away and hidden from plain sight as life’s other wonders grabbed her attention. It was as if the magical box would be stored away as treasure to be rediscovered again. In 2014, a major shift happened. The ground literally was taken from beneath her feet and the walls of security and complacency came crashing down; she lost her career, car, and a child in one fell swoop. Tiffany would spend days alone in her sweltering apartment, because the AC was broken, laying on the bare floor in tears questioning her purpose. Darting her eyes from object to object strewn across the apartment like the pieces of her she'd long-forgotten exposed her thoughts "How can I come back from this?,” “Shit, did I want to?” Many dark days of cursing the sun for rising came and went.

Every day that light would shine through the blinds of her dark apartment and would wake her. Tiffany was forced to see the mess and started cleaning, healing, packing and taking it out and letting go. When her last check hit the account, she walked to Walmart and bought brushes, canvases, and paint. Back at her place, she spread everything out and looked at what she purchased and fell into hysterical laughter alone in her apartment. Tiffany wondered if she had finally lost her damn mind or was there something to this art thing? The very thing that she thought was silly in that moment was the actual key to her internal peace. There would be more trials and tribulations to humble and prepare Tiffany for her purpose. While art began as something therapeutic, it blossomed into passion as she grew her skills. The more free she is with her brush, the more she frees her spirit. Tiffany’s believe her purpose is to free other Spirits through her story and art. She is on the other side of fear and walking in her purpose to be continued.....

IG: msanii_muse7

Check her work: Recorded Interview