Residency Date: June 29, 2019
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Oliver is a writer, motivational influencer, entrepreneur, with experience in music journalism and performance. His background in Higher Education Administration, event-planning, and performance informs his mindful and strategic approach to his work.

Oliver is fueled by his passion for using his platform to ignite a fire in others to follow their hearts. He’s also extremely devoted to exploring the nuances of cultural norms and trends. He considers himself a ‘cultural enthusiast,’ eager to build on his foundations in writing, literature, and African American history.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to produce meaningful work contributed to his most recent success of publishing Dope & Dangerous: A Bunch of Poems About Being Black. Oliver is the founder of Writers League, LLC., an event-based networking company for creative writers in NYC.

Oliver continues to work with a number of colleges and universities giving talks, facilitating workshops, and delivering performances around Black Empowerment and Writing. He believes that remaining true to ones values is major key to leading an honorable life, a tenet he lives out through his work.

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